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These meaty army arses are the result of heavy duty training both back at base and on the field. Even during the tensions of combat training, and the realities of battle, these lads did their best to raise spirits by baring their butt cheeks.


Naked Army medicals. Combat training. Fit American soldiers. Navy. Airforce. Vintage Military photos. Naked pics in the barracks. Washing in the field.

   Army medicals: prime young men stripped naked and forced to achieve test requirements under the watchful eyes of stern doctors.

Combat training: building the perfect human weapon, a fit, strong serviceman who will put his body on the line for others.

Washing in the field: make-shift outdoor showers with limited water and zero privacy.

From Vietnam to Afghanistan: the American soldier and his gun.

Vintage military: the biggest collection of secret historical evidence. Wehrmacht generals enjoying their naked comrades. WW2. Vietnam.

Back at the barracks; military men releasing the tensions of war.

 This is no hollywood movie version of the army, the navy and the air force. This is 100% real military videos and photos, sourced and collected by wartime experts. Built up over decades.


Prep your weapon and join rank. That’s an order!


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